Ether Books

One of my short stories is going to be available on Ether Books http://www.etherbooks.comĀ  Available on iPhones and I guess iMac’s too.

It’s called ‘The Pull Back’ and will be available in about a week. It’s about an Irish immigrant at a dance hall in East Ham, London in the 1950’s and the life decisions she is trying to make. I’m pleased with it, let me know what you think. It’s inspired by this picture I took.


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Flash Fiction

So, I won second prize in a short story competition this week which 
was great news. 

Also a flash fiction story will be published on the 16th May as part
of National Flash Fiction Day. Have a look here.

The stories for 'Nine' are nearly ready. 

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Sample from Choosing

I am currently embarked on my first anthology of nine short stories which will be completed soon. Below is an excerpt from ‘Choosing’ one of the stories. Daniel has to make a decision to stay or to leave the UK and we follow his thoughts.

The first week I wrote lists of pluses and minuses, trying to 
balance them out to reinforce the dilemma, adding new reasons 
to both lists depending on how I was feeling. Betraying and 
denying myself and still stuck in the middle. I went to work, 
I shaved, I sat on the train. I sat with my secret over dinner 
and ate fish pie. I played with the kids and made lego castles. 

I became a version of myself, a role to play, I acted with aplomb 
and my stomach lurched. I looked out at the garden and saw Autumn 
renewing the earth and screaming brown. I sat in the shed with my 
lists and biro scribbling, doodling, trying to get the answer out; 
purging like a medieval cure. 

The cat would come and rub my legs and look up with dismay, cats 
have an underlying wisdom that appeals and disturbs me in equal 
measure. I made promises to speak to Jo and tell her 
everything, I made myself make dates in the diary and the deadlines 
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Short stories

I am a writer of short stories.

I am going to upload some of my short stories I have written and some samples of ones that are being published. Also some comments about other fiction I love and links to useful sites.

‘Evidence of Joy’ is being published by Wryd Books books into their anthology published in 2013. It follows a man’s walk along the sea front and collecting evidence of joy, like Mary Anning…

Sample from ‘I won’t look up’

Impact. Again. OK, that is the fourth. My skin cries out and 
reverberates, a struck cymbal. It resonates down from my face to my 
neck and chest and stops at my stomach. The redness starts to come, 
to try and protect and heal and give me warning. Don't expect it. I 
won't look up. My head has moved and I can see your shoes, the shoes 
that we bought together, the shoes that I hated and you got because 
I hated them. They are black and shiny, you still polish your shoes, 
separate brushes for polishing and sparkling, a cloth for... What is 
the cloth for? It's covered in dark remnants. The tread has started 
to go at the heal and there is a small stone gripped in the canyons; 
as if its finally found its home. Maybe you placed it there.

More to follow.

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